Baltimore, Part 2: Girl’s Night Out

Sodi and I did our best to move on with our evening. The bartender gave us a drink on the house for trying to help the woman that was being berated outside the bar. We ordered Orange Crushes. I’ve never seen these drinks anywhere else but Baltimore. They’re made with fresh squeezed orange juice and vodka- so refreshing and delicious! Here’s the recipe from Ashley’s Cooking Adventure’s.

Admiral’s Cup

A few hours went by and the bar was starting to fill up. A tall blonde girl got her order of crab mac and cheese and asked if she could use the bar space beside Sodi to eat. Of course Sodi said yes and the girl ended up offering us some of her food. Being from the South we quickly accepted and grabbed some forks. The bartender said he would’ve bought us food if we were that hungry. Turns out the girl was from North Carolina and had moved to Baltimore to be with her boyfriend. We ended up hitting it off and she exchanged numbers with Sodi. It’s always hard to make girlfriends in a new place so we were excited to have a potential new friend!

We were getting hungry so we headed over to The Abbey to grab a burger. There was a 20-30 minute wait so we grabbed a beer at a nearby bar and waited for our buzzer to go off which happened more quickly than expected. We had barely touched our beers so we decided to try to bring them with us. In Louisiana it’s legal to walk on the streets with an open container so our plan was to fain ignorance if we got caught. We acted confident and made it outside without being stopped. As soon as we got on the street a guy walking by with a group of friends said, “Oh, I didn’t know you could bring beer on the street.” We kept on walking and smiled at each other. The hostess didn’t seem to notice the beer and seated us. Success!

Sodi and I split an amazing Kobe beef burger with sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. We used their Build a Burger option and ordered some habanero pickles on the side. Spicy but so good. The Abbey also offers exotic and unusual meat choices like kangaroo, bison, lamb, and duck – subject to availability.

After dinner I decided I really wanted my coat so we Ubered back to Sodi’s and took the opportunity to freshen up for the night ahead. We went to Cat’s Eye Pub back in Fell’s Point. They had a great band playing, Sean K. Preston and the Loaded Pistols. The lead singer had an Elvis Presley meets Johnny Cash vibe. After a drink we headed to a bar closer to Mount Vernon where Sodi introduced me to Deep Eddy’s Lemon Infused Vodka. It’s the lemonade version of Firefly. You literally mix it with water – basically so you’re not drinking straight vodka. Dangerously good! This will be my go-to summer drink. We were both getting tired but, Sodi really wanted to take me to Club 1722 because it’s just so weird. It’s an afterhours dance club in her neighborhood of Mount Vernon that opens at 1:45am. The catch is they don’t serve alcohol. So being the geniuses (and lushes) that we are we went to a liquor store earlier that day and bought a few mini bottles of vodka to sneak in.

We made it to 1722 just as they opened at 1:45am. I didn’t notice any windows which is just kind of a strange vibe for a bar. When you walked in there was a guy behind a sliding window where you paid your $10 cover charge and got your stamp. Dance music is blaring. We headed to the back to a weird room with an old black leather couch and bought two sprites to mix our airplane bottles of vodka in. After that we headed to the dance floor which was a few steps down in another room. There was a wall lined with mirrors, an empty bar in the corner, and a light show going on. It felt very 80’s. There was a second floor above that overlooked the dance floor. There were only a few other people in the club by the time we gave up and left around 3:00am. We did have a nice little two person dance party in the corner but, after a good 12 hours of drinking I just didn’t have enough energy left in me. If you’re ever out in Baltimore and not ready to call it a night at last call there’s a place you can go to dance til you drop! They’re open til 5:00am and I’m sure it gets going later in the morning.

On Sunday we were done. I don’t have cable at home so I was pretty pumped to have a Naked and Afraid marathon. Sodi brought her mattress into the living room for ultra comfort and we napped off and on throughout the day. We even got McDonald’s delivered to the house because we were that lazy (thanks Waitr!). We finally got it together and made it out to dinner at 8:15. We decided on crabs because Baltimore. Sodi found a place nearby with good reviews called LP Steamer’s in Locust Point. We ordered a dozen medium crabs to share which turned out to be a little too much for the two of us. I think we had four crabs for take away. In Baltimore fashion the crabs are served with Old Bay seasoning sprinkled on top. LP Steamer’s had a homey vibe and it’s a great place to share a meal with friends. Locust Point seemed like a worn-in, chill area where you’d be friends with all your neighbors. A little more broken in and relaxed than Mount Vernon and more my speed. You still felt like you were in a city but, not.

LP Steamer’s

On our way back to Sodi’s it started to snow and the flurries falling from the sky as we walked up to the brownstone were really beautiful.

Kim Live Signature

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