Day Trip to Covington, LA

I’ve been Facebook stalking this amazing home goods store in Covington, LA for a while. On Friday they posted this picture and I had to have that German keg.


I’ve always wanted a barrel to use as a side table or a bar and since my boyfriend, Steve, is German this one earned bonus points. Someone commented on the post saying they were interested in the keg so as soon as I got off of work I called and paid for it. I didn’t want to miss out on something so unique.

Friday was Steve and I’s four year anniversary so I came home to a dozen long-stemmed roses and a clean house. Nothing better than that; it really is the little things that make our relationship work. My present to him (aside from the German keg) was shaving my legs and renting a Redbox – his choice. I know, we’re so romantic. In my defense he had to be up early for work the next day and we had gone out of town the last two weekends so we needed to chill out on spending money anyways. We had a perfect night watching The Hateful Eight together on the couch. (Great movie if bloody, violent scenes don’t get to you.)

My friend and her fiancé recently bought a house together so I convinced them to come with me to pick up the keg and go shopping. We stopped at a daiquiri shop to grab a to-go drink (I know, I know – only in Louisiana) and made it to Covington in about an hour.

We walked into Clayton House Marketplace and were immediately amazed at how much stuff they had. We spent about three hours in the store scouring each “booth” finding things we didn’t even know we needed. Drive an hour away and suddenly the prices for things become much more reasonable too. Clayton House Marketplace has antique and vintage finds like this kraut cutter. The tag said, “nicest one I have ever seen; has rare cutting box with it.” Priced at $48.


They have so much reclaimed furniture and lots of cypress furniture as well because Louisiana.


These ceiling tiles date to 1920 and were salvaged from a bank in Philadelphia. Priced at $99 each.


They have one-of-a-kind items like this pair of antique clowns from the 1940s that originally flanked the entrance to the Children’s Department at Two Guys Department Store. They were priced at $2,800 for the pair.


Steve’s family dog was named Cutter. They had to put him down last year and it was a heartbreaking loss for his family. When I saw this Cutter vegetable box, I knew I had to have it and for $20 I didn’t mind that it wasn’t in the best shape.


My friends purchased a ghost chair for $69, a small painting for their nieces’ nursery for $15, some bath salts, and four burlap coffee sacks for $5.99 each. She ended up giving me one of the sacks and we plan on framing them. Hopefully I can find another cool one in Kona, Hawaii to go with it. (We leave for Hawaii in 67 days!!!! But, who’s counting?)

After we finished shopping, a quick Zomato search led us to nearby Lola for some drinks and appetizers. It seemed like Lola was The Special Date Night Place in Covington but, it’s Louisiana so we got away with wearing shorts and flip flops. We decided to keep it casual and took a seat at the bar. The bartender was super helpful and assisted us in narrowing down our drink and appetizer choices.

Mel and I got the Blackberry Basil made with in-house blackberry balsamic reduction, a touch of basil, a healthy dose of Cathead vodka, St. Germain, topped with a bit of bubbly. They even put a piece of basil on the strawberry to look like the leaves and stem. It was seriously one of the best drinks I’ve ever had. It was strong but, you couldn’t taste it and it had a deep blackberry basil flavor thanks to the reduction. Definitely going to try to make it at home.


For appetizers the three of us immediately agreed on the Pepper Jelly Glazed Oysters with crispy pork belly, feta, and pickled okra. The oysters were perfectly fried and super crispy without being greasy. The pepper jelly was a delicious compliment. The bartender recommended the Crawfish Cakes served with slaw and remoulade and the Lola Salad which has shaved Brussel sprouts, cranberry vinaigrette, blue cheese, and candied pecans. You can never go wrong with a crawfish cake and it was delicious but I really loved the salad. It had just enough Brussels sprouts to give it a crunch but enough lettuce to where the sprouts didn’t overwhelm the dish. The cranberry vinaigrette was light and the blue cheese and pecans gave it another layer of flavor. It’s not that often I get excited about a salad but it was really that good.




We ended up making friends with a woman and a man who came in after work to grab dinner and drinks. They’re interior decorators and own a home store nearby. Turns out my friend from college married the son of the woman who does their curtains. I just love small towns! It was great talking to them and discussing Baton Rouge and Covington. I love hitting it off with strangers especially when at face value you don’t have much in common. (We’re in our thirties, no makeup, way underdressed. They were in their fifties and well-to-do. But talking to them made the whole Lola experience.)

I’ll definitely be back at Lola – maybe for a special date night so I can blend in to the dining room crowd – and we’ll definitely be back in Covington. We’re thinking about doing a brewery tour. Fun fact: they have a ton of brewery’s there! Most popular being Abita.

We drove back to Baton Rouge and met my Steve and his coworkers for some drinks at Old Orleans. It’s literally a mile and a half from our house and yet we’d never been because we thought it was a poboy restaurant. It was a perfect dive bar and I think we’ll adopt it as our new neighborhood bar.

I love days like that where you can feel like a tourist in your own State or even in your own neighborhood. It was a perfect Louisiana day.

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