Wat Pho: The Temple of the [Giant] Reclining Buddha

Our last stop on our four hour Tour with Tong was to Wat Pho, home of the Reclining Buddha. After being surprised at the relatively small size of the Emerald Buddha at Wat Phra Kaew I was even more shocked at the sheer size of the gilded Reclining Buddha. At 150 feet long, it’s one of the largest Buddha images in existence.Nina took us to see the Reclining Buddha first. We started at the Buddha’s head and made our way down to his feet. There are shrines set up between the columns that you can check out.

Be sure to look up at the ceiling and admire the walls!


The perfect place to get your picture taken with the Buddha or capture most of the Buddha in one shot is at the very end of his feet along the fence. Someone from our group hopefully has a pic of us at the end – it just hasn’t made it’s way to me yet!

You’ll probably become aware of a chiming sound by the time you make it to the end of the first hall. I honestly thought it was some kind of waterfall but, when we made it to the next hall Nina explained that you can purchase a bowl of coins at the entrance which you then drop in 108 bronze bowls which line the length of the wall. The Thai’s believe this will bring good fortune! The number 108 is pretty significant in Buddhism and a lot of other Eastern religions as it turns out. In Buddhism it represents the 108 defilements (aka sins) that the Buddha overcame to obtain enlightenment which in case you are wondering are:

ostentatiousness grudge gambling ingratitude
dipsomania ambition dominance faithlessness
manipulation stinginess pessimism hostility
abuse debasement sexual lust sarcasm
humiliation jealousy gluttony unruliness
hurt cruelty unkindness obstinacy
envy indifference negativity furtiveness
sadism enviousness derision falseness
high-handedness know-it-all rage aggression
rapacity effrontery disrespectfulness hard-heartedness
eagerness for power lying insidiousness self-denial
inattentiveness contempt wrath haughtiness
greed for money seducement vindictiveness insatiability
voluptuousness excessiveness censoriousness dissatisfaction
egoism ignorance hatred greed
impudence imposture cursing imperiousness
lecherousness callousness malignancy torment
intolerance blasphemy shamelessness irresponsibility
obsession prejudice arrogance violent temper
garrulity dogmatism presumption intransigence
oppression prodigality lack of comprehension obstinacy
pride conceitedness delusion quarrelsomeness
self-hatred violence vanity hypocrisy
stubbornness baseness pretence mercilessness
disrespect ridicule masochism tyranny
capriciousness deceit anger discord
calculation unyielding desire for fame deception

As you drop the small coins in the bowls and they make that nice chiming sound you can think about overcoming these elements of our humanity and bonus: the money goes towards helping the monks renovate and preserve Wat Pho.frankenstein_nine_2015-11-21_12-26-02

We then stopped by a pavilion that houses ancient inscriptions depicting Thai Massage.

We also visited Phra Rabiang the cloister that houses hundreds of Buddha images.


We quickly made our way through a little more of the temple and then it was time to catch a cab back to the airport which took about an hour with the crazy Bangkok traffic. We picked up our luggage from the Left Luggage counter and hopped on a plane to Krabi where I would get to sleep in a bed for the first time in 48 hours!

Since we were arriving to the airport at night I went ahead and booked us a shuttle through Krabi Shuttle which cost 750 baht or $3.48 per person since there were 6 of us splitting it. It was a big comfy van and we all got to ride together this time! I took the back seat so I could lay down. The boys got our driver to stop at a store to pick up beer (Singha’s!) and then we headed to our hotel.

We ended up booking a last minute room at Krabi Aquamarine Resort & Spa for 8,400 baht for 2 rooms with 2 beds in each room which at the time was $235 total or $40/person for the 6 of us.

It was pretty dark out so we couldn’t really tell how pretty the place was when we arrived but we all loved the grass roofs over our little “villas”. Frankie and I decided to stay in for the night. I was so exhausted that I took a cold bath (apparently half of us got cold showers and the other half got hot ones!) and went to bed without eating dinner. The other four went on an adventure involving lady boys and tuk-tuks. Josh had some how forgotten to pack swim shorts so he came home with some AMAZING Thai outfits to sport the rest of the trip.2015-11-21-14-21-20-2

I woke up pretty early the next morning and sat on the porch looking out at the (then) empty pool so excited and thankful to be in Thailand.

Krabi Aquamarine Resort & Spa

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