Beach Town Vibes: Ao Nang

After sitting on the porch and soaking in that I just woke up in a poolside villa in Thailand, we discussed where to stay next. We knew we wanted to visit nearby Railay and when Frankie found Railei Beach Club I was thrilled as it was my dream place to stay in Thailand! I read that West Railay was prettier than East Railay and Railei Beach Club basically sounded like a real life version of The Beach. The only reason I hadn’t booked it pre-trip was because they had a three night minimum and I wasn’t sure we would want to spend that many nights there. Luckily Frankie was able to call them up that morning and book us a house for only two nights! We packed up, hopped in a tuk-tuk and headed to town to find some food.

After not eating since our street food lunch in Bangkok and questionable sandwiches on the plane ride to Krabi, I was hungry. Last night Sleep > Food for me. We got dropped off on Ao Nang Beach Road in Krabi Town and opted for a Thai restaurant with a view. It was pretty early for lunch so we were the only ones in the restaurant. Based on my photo’s GPS location I think it was the upstairs restaurant across from Small Bar. (I heard nearby Longtail Boat Restaurant was really good for fresh seafood.) Wherever we were we split some Tom Yum soup and shared a bunch of different curries. My favorites are green and panang! It was delicious but right after I finished eating a wave of nausea hit me. I ran to the bathroom, flung open a stall and threw up my entire lunch. I went back to the table and at least the nausea was gone… Jet lag’s a bitch! I had no idea jet lag could make you sick; I thought it would just make me tired and out of it.


We went outside to Ao Nang Beach Road and I couldn’t pass up this banana ice cream cone. It brought me back to life! I don’t think I could have made it walking around in the heat on a now empty stomach carrying my backpack without it! There’s just something about ice cream that always settles my stomach.

We decided to do some shopping and Josh got really good at bartering. Me – not so much. Nothing really has a price on it so you just ask the store clerk and then try to talk them down. You can try things like, “how about these 3 shirts and hat for 60 baht?” The trick is to walk away and have them come after you with a lower price. Or so I hear. I scored a sari, some cotton elephant print shorts, a crochet dress to use as a cover-up and a comfy tie-dye dress. I highly recommend coming to Thailand with barely any clothes and shopping for everything you need. By the end of the trip I had to buy another bag to carry all my Thai purchases.


We headed to Ao Nang Beach and paid the ladies in the shop at the top of the stairs for a ticket to West Railay and then our driver – or is it captain? – took us to his longtail boat when it was time to leave.

Ao Nang Beach



This is why a backpack is essential in Thailand if you plan to go to the beach. You do not want to be that tourist that is trying to drag your luggage through the sand or struggling to throw it into the boat. Get a backpack. They’re awesome and you’ll love it. I’m a total convert and have brought mine on every vacation I’ve taken since then. Buy some luggage cubes and you’ll be set!

The trip from Ao Nang to West Railay was incredible. We were blessed with perfect weather and the limestone rock formations did not disappoint! Per usual my pictures do not do it justice. You’ve got to experience them for yourself to really appreciate how the sunlight reflects off the rock.

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