The Parenting Styles of Thailand

On our longtail boat ride from Ao Nang to Railay we dropped off two travelers at Tonsai Beach and picked up a Thai man and his son. My best guess is this kid was 2 years old.

He’s tiny right?! He was so freaking cute and we were all totally smitten!  He shuffled his feet along the thin, outside edge of the boat holding onto the cords of the boat cover until he made his way into the back of the boat. He checked us out and then after his dad called to him he made his way up to the front of the boat, climbing over the seats. While we were busy trying to make sure he was okay, this kid totally had it and didn’t understand why we were so amazed by him.

This was obviously this kid’s daily life. No seat belts, no life vests. Just being a self-sufficient 2 (ish) year old with a loving dad watching over him. It was just one of those moments that still sticks out in my mind when I think back on our trip.




During our stay in Thailand we would frequently see small children at work with their parents – from restaurants to shops to construction sites. Oftentimes you’ll see grandparents or coworkers helping the parents care for the children. True to Thai form the parents were usually smiling. The kids were keeping themselves busy without electronic devices or many toys. And they were playing outside! The parents seemed relaxed, loving and attentive. Not worried or stressed. I know that I only saw a glimpse of the parenting style in Thailand but, if/when I have a baby of my own I know I’ll remember the parents I got to observe and try to relax and enjoy the journey.


There’s just something about a loving dad that always pulls at my heart strings.

P.S. That’s not the dad’s real hair. It’s a sort of furry hat!

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The Parenting Styles of Thailand appeared firs on Take Away Traveler.



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