Finding Paradise in Railay

Oh, Railay. You will always have a piece of my heart. From the moment I saw you I knew you were a special place. When our longtail boat pulled up, we were in awe. A white sand beach surrounded by the jungle with limestone cliffs towering over each end. We all looked at each other with huge grins on our faces wondering if this was real life. Even after all the blog posts and guidebooks I had read it was still more than I could have imagined.


The longtail boat pulled up to the shore. We climbed out and our feet were met with clear, turquoise water that was about a foot deep. We were handed our backpacks and then made our way to shore. We stood there trying to take it all in – the beauty of the place, the colorful longtail boats lining the shore, the way the light hit the rock, the bustle of the crowd.



To me Railay has everything I want in a destination:

1. Nature.

2. A place to stay that felt secluded and special but also had easy to access so. many. activities.

3. The opportunity to explore – beaches, jungles, rocks, shrines filled with penises…

5. Friendly people.

6. Culture.

7. Amazing local food.

8. Laid-back bars – with incredible drinks and fun crowds!

Added Bonus: Monkeys! Along the road and in your backyard.  (And if you’re lucky, on your porch!)

When you’re pulling up to shore of West Railay beach: to the left are the houses amongst the jungle that we were lucky enough to stay in – Railei Beach Club; towards the middle is the Beach Road where you will find bars, restaurants and shops. It will also take you to plenty of other sites like the Railay Viewpoint, Phranang Beach and East Railay Beach. To the right you can access the super lux, five star Rayavadee resort. We headed toward Railei Beach Club where my wildest dreams came true!


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